On the wall - Modern Works...

Gallerytop are in the middle of their Modern Works exhibition.


Val Hudson and Andrew Bird are two Derbyshire based artists and highly regarded for their abstract paintings. Andrew exhibits regularly in St Ives and Val is represented by a London gallery. We have worked with Val and Andrew for a number of years and we're really pleased to be featuring their paintings in the exhibition. You can the new video of Val Hudson's work here


Brian Neish is exhibiting at gallerytop for the second time and we're pleased to have his work in the show after his recent exhibitions in London and New York. He and Val Hudson both show in the Store Street gallery in London


Alice Sheridan is a London based artist and is exhibiting with us after being featured in our Christmas exhibition. Alice says of her work 'My paintings offer a new way to look at your surroundings... hybrid landscapes which feel dynamic and intriguing...'


We visited Ian Rayer-Smith in his Manchester studio and were struck by the scale and vitality of his paintings. he says of his work  'I’m a contemporary expressionist, I like my paintings to show a raw honesty and passion in the way the paint is applied. I also want my work to look contemporary, current, fresh and of its time, although there are definitely classical references to be seen in my work.'

Chatsworth Road
Rowsley Derbyshire DE4 2EH

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