Timms Solicitors Advocate HR Planning To Avoid Costly Disputes

Timms Solicitors Advocate HR Planning To Avoid Costly Disputes

The UK is in the midst of a ‘rising redundancy tsunami’ with employers in danger of facing dramatic increases in disputes and Tribunal claims, according to Timms Solicitors’ Employment Law specialist Emma Spandrzyk.

She continued that it was therefore vital that employers took advice before proceeding with redundancy, absence management or dismissals and plan their future workforce requirements ahead of the end of furlough arrangements at the end of April. 

To help SMEs better manage HR and employment issues, Timms Solicitors have launched a free advice clinic – offering an initial 30 minute telephone or video conferencing appointment.

Emma has specialised in employment law throughout her career – working in the private sector and also in-house with several regional police forces. 

She is based across all of Timms’ offices in Derby’s Cathedral Quarter, Burton-upon-Trent, Swadlincote and Ashby to support both employers and employees. Emma also works with the firm’s commercial team advising on employment aspects of business transfers.

Emma explained: “This is a pivotal time for many businesses and we are at the brink of what will be a stressful and painful time for both employers and employees alike – particularly once the furlough arrangements end. 

“Many businesses have seen a downturn in trade and the majority have exhausted their reserves.  Therefore, with employment costs being one of the largest outgoings for most SMEs in particular, it is vital to plan ahead in terms of future workforce requirements.

“Most employers want to avoid redundancies and taking legal advice now on the different measures that can be explored with their workforce may not only save jobs but also maintain morale at what continues to be a challenging time for everyone.

“If redundancies cannot be avoided, it is important that the process is handled correctly to avoid potentially costly litigation.

“Similarly, we are also seeing an increase in disputes and claims from employees around unfair misconduct hearings, absence management and discrimination issues but early planning can often lead to a mutually agreed resolution.” 

Timms are also launching a new Employment Law Hub subscription service which will give businesses access to a wide range of online Employment Law and HR resources as well as ongoing legal advice.

Emma concluded: “The ‘Timms Employment Law HUB’ will provide a wide range of information and resources that can be accessed immediately online with the back up of the Employment Law team’s expertise.

“Our aim is to ensure that businesses have all the information at their disposal to maintain positive employee relations in these continued challenging times so that they can concentrate on their business rather than the often time-consuming and stressful issues around HR issues.”

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