Three Months On exhibition in QUAD, Derby

Artists Dizzy Ink present a new exhibition in QUAD Extra Gallery Spaces reflecting on the time since Brexit. Three Months On is a newly commissioned, site-specific installation consisting of large-scale black and white Xerox prints, wallpaper pieces and more. The artworks take reference from the speeches made by politicians, representatives and campaign media used during the run up to the referendum, using critical points that were used to sway the public to either side. Through a series of workshops, curated submissions from both voting demographics, and their own designs inspired by informal conversations, Three Months On is a display artwork reflecting our nation’s divided beliefs by Dizzy Ink artists Craig Proud & Benjamin Kay.
In the wake of the UK referendum to decide whether the United Kingdom should remain or leave the European Union, a number of promises were broken, facts were ‘clarified’ and statuses changed. Since the Brexit result, voters have been witness to the lack of integrity from both campaigns. Critical points that swayed the public to either side have somewhat dissolved, leading to greater uncertainty surrounding our nation's future. Three months on what opinions do the public now hold about the campaigns, the vote and the effects following the referendum?
The exhibition is a mutual challenge of opinion using Risograph, a single-colour printing method associated with official political applications, as well as the powerful lobbying method of pasting posters directly to a public wall. The aim is to create an evolving entity with submissions from an E-printer within the space as the exhibition continuously develops and perpetuates the debate.
There is a chance to take part in a free workshops to ‘Print and Paste Your Say’. Join Dizzy Ink, Craig Proud and Benjamin Kay, to design and print your views on the recent Brexit referendum with two-colour Risograph posters, and add your newly created artworks to the exhibition. Three Months On: Workshops with Dizzy Ink take place on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd October, from 11:00am to 1:00pm and again from 2:00pm until 4:00pm. The workshops are free and spaces are limited so booking is essential through QUAD Box office.
Three Months On exhibition by Dizzy Ink will be on display in QUAD Extra Gallery Spaces until 20th November 2016.
For more information, please call QUAD Box office on 01332 290606 or see:

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