Tesco Local Community Scheme - New funding for community green spaces

Do you know of a local community green space project that would benefit from funding?

Communities across England, Wales and Scotland will soon be able to apply for up to £12,000 for local green space projects thanks to a new grant scheme being launched with the proceeds generated from the sale of carrier bags by Tesco.

It is anticipated that there will be two funding rounds per year over the next three years.

The first funding round opens on 19th October 2015 and will close on 30th November 2015.

The scheme is open to community groups, charities and some public sector organisations and will fund capital improvement projects such as parks, play areas community gardens and other green spaces.

The scheme is managed by environmental charity Groundwork, For further information visit www.groundwork.org.uk and funded by Tesco customers from the proceeds of the 5p charge for carrier bags as a result of the government carrier bag levy.

Tesco has 428 store regions and will award six grants in each region per year to make sure the funding is widespread across the countries.

In total the programme will support around 2,500 projects each year.

You will need to make your application online- so be sure to check out the Tesco website www.tesco.com after the 19th October for details on how to do so.


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