'A Stroll Along Dronny Bottom in 1895' - Open Now!

'A Stroll Along Dronny Bottom in 1895' - Open Now!

Following on from our successful High Street exhibition, our annual exhibition will look this time at the history of Dronfield Bottom. Taking the 1895 Bulmer's Trade Directory as a starting point, the displays will cover the change in social conditions, industry and local trades.

Exhibition runs till Friday 28th February - but please note that due to private bookings, it will be closed at certain times, including: 
Friday 31st January (closed from 1pm)
Sunday 2nd February (closed from 1pm)
Monday 10th February (closed from 12:30pm)

And don't miss...

'A Stroll Along Dronny Bottom in 1895' - Exhibition Talk
Thursday 30th January, 7:30pm
£4 (£2 for Friends)

To coincide with the exhibition, John Harvey and Ann Brown from our research will be giving a talk - come along to hear much more about the research that went into producing the exhibition, and more fascinating insights into the history of our town.

To book your place, email bookings.dht@outlook.com, call 01246 418122, ask in our café or head to our website.


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