September 23rd at 2.30 pm unveiling of sculpture at Derbyshire Eco Centre

Sue Allanson have been working in Derbyshire as a sculptor for the last 30 years. She didn’t think I had the talent to be  an artist. It was only when she was in my 40’s that she found she had the desire to carve in stone. That was one of the motivators behind asking Derbyshire Eco Centre to let her carve under their eaves in order to carve a larger than life sculpture. Being resident in  an adult Education centre, rather than tucked away in her garden,  has meant that she has been able to have a lot of contact with the students attending their courses. She hoped that  seeing a woman carving a large figure and seeing it emerge over the weeks might encourage others. In her career, she  always wanted to create a larger than life sculpture, but not been brave enough nor the resources to do so. Over lockdown, however, she thought about it more seriously and managed  to get the money to buy the stone  and pay for it's delivery from an anonymous donor, who was impressed by the idea that she had.

She was influenced by the turbulent times over the last 2 years, with covid, where many people lost their lives, numerous conflicts and war around the world, as a result of this some people having to leave their homes to find safety and women in Iran bravely protesting about the killing of a woman.

She took her inspiration from the many female figurines that were found from 600,000 years ago. A time when there seemed to be more equality between the genders, with women in prominent positions in society which seemed to be peaceful and democratic, with evidence of goddess worship. So, the figure is a reminder of that time, evoking again a sense of balance and harmony.

Sue has donated her to the centre, so that she can be a welcoming figure at the front of the building. There will be an unveiling ceremony on the 23rd Sept at Derbyshire Eco Centre at 2.30 p.m. All are welcome. This is a free event.

There will be live music, poetry and opportunities to be creative and welcome ‘Mamani’ to her permanent home. It will be officiated by Derbyshire’s High Sheriff and Wirksworth resident, Theresa Peltier.

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