Quality Dog Grooming at a snip!

After being closed for two years, Derby College Group’s Dog Grooming Salon, based at Broomfield Hall, is now fully open for business and is now taking bookings.


The Salon aims to give every dog an enjoyable and relaxing grooming experience in a safe and friendly environment. The grooming team offer a full range of services, including bathing, drying, coat clipping and styling, nail clipping and ear cleaning, which are tailored especially for your dog, for a range of shapes and sizes. Prices start at just £20, which is a very competitive rate. 


Award-winning Salon Manager Olivia Jogela said, “we’re really excited that our doors are open again and can’t wait to welcome back all our former customers, as well as getting to know new ones! Regular grooming will not only help your dog look their very best, it will also keep them feeling happy and healthy. Our team offer an excellent quality service at a really competitive price, so we’re delighted to be back in business again!”


There are hundreds of satisfied dog owners that have given the Salon excellent reviews including Eleri Owen who brought her dog in recently. She commented “My spaniel had a great groom at the salon at Broomfield Hall and looks a lot smarter. The staff were really friendly and had a good understanding of my dog’s breed. He can be quite nervous at the groomers but we’re really excited that our doors are open again. Thank you.”

The RSPCA highlights the benefits of regular grooming including that it keeps the coat tidy, removes knots, and makes the coat look well cared for. Other very important benefits include: removing old, damaged, and dead hair and skin cells and distributing natural oils through the coat.

And to book a dog into the salon: 01332 836615 (Monday-Friday) 

Email: dog.grooming@derby-college.ac.uk

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