The Quad's upcoming events with Tina Jay and Jack Brett Anderson!

The Quad is bringing two new really exciting events for readers, writers and interested creative artists!

TINA JAY, an award winning playwright, won both the Kenneth Branagh Award for New Drama Writing for her play Walking and the International Student Playscript Competition. 
There is an amazing opportunity to watch the actor/director Jack Brett Anderson perform three stories from the upcoming audiobook  - LOVE LIGHT BETRAYAL by Tina Jay on Saturday April 2nd.
In line with this event, she will also be running an eight week course at The Quad -  The Art of Playwriting and Screenwriting for the Contemporary Market.

Sessions will be held on Tuesdays 6:30pm-9:00pm from 22 March to 10 May 2022

This eight week course will cover both screenwriting and playwriting looking at the various techniques involved, in a workshop environment, whilst considering both the similarities and differences between the two forms of scriptwriting. 

Tickets for the course can be checked here:

Actor and Director Jack Brett Anderson will be performing three readings – ElevenBack, and Angel – excerpts from the upcoming audiobook LOVE LIGHT BETRAYAL, a collection of short stories read by Jack and written by playwright Tina Jay. 

Each of the performed readings brings a new and sensitive point of view to the term ‘masculinity.’  

Suitable for 15 years and above.

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