Pop Star of the Century

Pop Star of the Century

Author and politician Edwina Currie will present an award to the winner at Pop Star of the Century on Friday (July 14) at High Peak Bookstore, Brierlow Bar.

And she may just be rooting for John Lennon who won at the first Fringe show at the Pump Room Buxton last Friday. There Lennon defeated Agnetha of ABBA and Elvis.

Audiences vote the winner and singalong on the choruses. Artistes are represented in costume and masks.

Edwina's association with Lennon began in her early Liverpool years. She said: "I was at the Liverpool Institute the same time as Paul and George. John Lennon was at the School of Art next door, and living I think in Gambia Terrace with Cynthia. They wore skinny black leather and used to hang out at Yates Wine Lodge down a side alley nearby.

Show writer Alan Charnley: "We hoping for a great night whoever wins." Tickets are available at Buxton Opera House on 01298  72190.

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