Poem a Month for September

Poem a Month for September

September always seems to herald a new start, back to school or work after the holidays. We chose this poem by John Taylor as he reflects on a new start in a new place and how it has inspired him to write and try something different. 

After experiencing a series of difficulties in my personal life, and being needed to help with an elderly and ill father, I finally was able to choose my own place to live.  Moving to Glossop was an experiment in a new life, after stress and into retirement.  It coincided with an urge to be creative in many ways -  one of which was a need to express my life in words.  This poem was just that - an experiment in a new life, in a new place.  - John

Relocation to the A57 East, Glossop

I didn't see it coming
But I heard the click
As quietly it left
The sound of its absence echoed in my head.

That was then ... and there.

Now I lie and listen
Every morning, the moving line
Slowly hissing
My window
A lot of traffic going by.

But if I look out
And back
At the long Snake
It becomes dawn
And the day becomes brighter
Blue and grey to green.

It helps living on this edge.
To wake ...into dream.

by John Taylor

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