The New Mills Festival Folk Night - get your tickets now

The New Mills Festival Folk Night

The New Mills Festival Folk Night takes place on the final weekend, as is tradition. It's happening on Sunday 25th September, at Torr Vale Mill. Doors open 7pm, performance 7:30pm. Tickets are £12 available here:

If you've been before, then I'm pretty sure the above is all the information you need to draw you in to a grand night out. If it's your first time, this is what to expect:

Headlining are the Galivantes:
The Galivantes are a band on a mission to deliver, in their words "live music that gets you dancing". They are an eight-piece rowdy ska band from Manchester whose sound is hard to pin down, not least because they have three lead singers and a range of influences from skapunk, reggae, disco, folk and rock. Galivantes mix strong driving beats with fiery vocals, crunching guitars, funky bass, and a chaotic cacophony of brass, all wrapped up around a politically charged power-to-the-people message.

Support acts include:

The Gally Canters; if you've spent any time in New Mills you'll probably have come across their foot stomping folk music in various of the local pubs. You'll no doubt have passed an open pub doorway and picked up the distinctive sounds of a Gally Canters audience having a great night out.

Tony Maloney and the Lonely Ponies are also welcomed back to the New Mills Festival. All the way from Buxton, expect acoustic music playing cover versions of every imaginable genre of music.

Bird in the Belly are a Brighton-based folk group consisting of folk-duo Hickory Signals (Laura Ward and Adam Ronchetti), alt-folk singer-songwriter Ben Webb (Jinnwoo, Green Ribbons), and multi-instrumentalist and producer Tom Pryor. Together they collect little known and forgotten lyrics, poems and stories from around the UK, and set them to their own “hypnotically original compositions” (fRoots).

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