Meet Antonio, The English Cousin To Our Fabio Pendant Light

Meet Antonio, The English Cousin To Our Fabio Pendant Light

The Antonio is a stunning glass pendant light that is based on the Fabio, but rather than being blown in Murano is blown here in England by our Master Glassblower.

We’ve spent some time perfecting a new design – shown here as a marriage of our Antonio pendant and an oak Deco Wall Light (also available in walnut) and it works fantastically well as a bedside light bringing a gentle ambience to your most private of spaces in the home.

The Antonio pendant is inspired by the Fabio pendant light, but rather than being blown in Murano is produced locally to us in Derbyshire by our Master Glassblower.  This light can also be hung as a single pendant, group or as part of a bespoke chandelier. The shade and stem can be blown in any combination of our 23 glass colours giving you plenty of choice in how you style this beautiful light.



Working with local creatives is a core value for us here at Curiousa & Curiousa and we collaborate with many of the talented craftspeople that we find ourselves fortunate to be surrounded by.

Launched at Decorex this year, we loved this Blackpop wallpaper so much we wanted to pair it with our new Antonio pendant.  This stunning Blackpop wallpaper is called ‘Paradise’ and makes the perfect backdrop to this brand new wall light design that we’ve been developing over the recent months.

We've mounted our Antonio pendant here on a handmade oak Deco Wall Light arm, suspending a hand-blown Blush shade and Purple fluted glass - blown slightly paler for that soft romantic look and think it looks fabulous with Blackpop‘s latest creation!



Wirksworth has long been a hub for creativity with over 100 practicing artists and craftspeople making their home here. Both Blackpop's and Curiousa's studios are in this beautiful Derbyshire market-town and we love that this is where we call home.

Not only is our location worth a visit, nestled in the glorious Derbyshire Dales, but you can also book an appointment to visit each of our showrooms on the same day as we work just five minutes’ drive from each other. There's also Beauvamp, a fantastic local lampshade maker in the area too, so even more reason to pay us a visit. 

To celebrate our tenth year in business, we have a new purpose-built showroom being prepared and will be ready to open our doors in early 2020.  Watch this space for news on our plans for a showroom launch party in the New Year…

In meantime, consult your diary and make some time to come to Wirksworth on an ‘interior design safari’ and see what ideas you can pick up!


The     Antonio pendant     is pictured here with the Deco Wall Light arm, a stem blown in a semi-opaque Rosa and a Blush shade.

The Antonio pendant is pictured here with the Deco Wall Light arm, a stem blown in a semi-opaque Rosa and a Blush shade.

We work with interior designers, architects, commercial designers and fit-out companies on a whole range of residential and commercial interiors.  Take a look at the projects portfolio on our website for commissions we’ve delivered both in the UK and internationally.  If you have a project in mind, then get in touch with the studio on or call us on +44(0) 1629 826284

Thanks to local Wirksworth photographer Chris Webb for the photos too!

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