Madcap comedy at Buxton Fringe

Madcap comedy at Buxton Fringe

Buxton Fringe’s larger- than-ever comedy section offers entertainment for all tastes including those who prefer things a little off the wall…

Edy Hurst is in Buxton with two madcap shows, an extraordinary version of Jeff Wayne’s version (plus anyone else’s version) of The War of the Worlds, plus The Wonderfull Discoverie of Witches in the Countie of Edy Hurst, new writing described as “A journey through 17th-century panic, rituals and the Vengaboys”. Sounds fun.

Dave Bibby promises a comedy show “65 million years in the making” in Baby Dinosaur, a truly wild ride packed with songs and sketches. Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year, Eric Rushton, has a new show, Not that Deep, which he says is less about death and more about dolphins. And Donna Scott’s new show, Badger, tells audiences why the “bristling with determination” comic is sometimes known as a badger - it is not always black and white... Meanwhile Stephen Catling, whose unmissable poster features him dressed as a bee, brings animal themes into his show Beehavioural Problems: Something Something Autism. Catling is one of only 50 acts to get a grant from this year’s Edinburgh Fringe but like many other comics is testing the waters in Buxton.

There is a note of the surreal in Grant Curnow: Salvador Dalek featuring lockdown adventures, ukulele and surreal art works as Grant’s sidekick Mini Dalek presents his first art exhibition. Neil Harris: Codebreaker finds the computer programmer and comedian in the company of an animated colleague, Helpy. Together they take a look at the Enigma machine.

Darren Walsh, who can whip out a pun on any subject, has a little help this year as he brings what could be the first Fringe show created with AI, a rocketing space journey called, of course, 3rd Rock from the Pun. The quick-thinking puns continue with Richard Pulsford’s Short Joke Teller show.

Meanwhile Hambledon Productions channels the famous funny man in the fez in their family-friendly tribute show, Just Like That: The Tommy Cooper Show. More magic, this time with cards and salamis, features in Marc Adams: BMW - Bavaria’s Most Wanted. This Berlin comedy club veteran, renowned for his offbeat humour, visual gags and music, is performing in England for the first time.

Fringe Chair Stephen Walker: “We’ve come to expect the unexpected at Buxton Fringe but this year’s comedy stars are offering some really intriguing shows that are sure to surprise and delight.”

There is plenty more comedy on offer at Buxton Fringe. Just pick up a programme, see or download the free Buxton Fringe App.

The Fringe wishes to thank High Peak Borough Council, its Fringe Friends and the town’s many Fringe supporters and venues.

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