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Photoforum Live

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Tuesday 18th August

W.M. Hunt presents The Unseen Eye


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W.M. Hunt is an industry legend. A big fan of FORMAT he has participated in the past three biennials, as a portfolio reviewer, speaker and curator for Lottie Davies’ Quinn.

Hunt is a champion of photography: a collector, curator and consultant who lives and works in New York. His collections have been exhibited in Europe and the US.  He recently organized an exhibition in Poland oo’s & iii’s: an unusual melange of inspired selections from the photography collections of W.M. Hunt.

The Unseen Eye, published by Thames & Hudson, Aperture and Actes Sud in 2011 presents a wonderfully idiosyncratic and compelling collection of photographs assembled around a particular theme: in each image, the gaze of the subject is averted, the face obscured or the eyes firmly closed.

He loves photography.  It changed his life; it gave him one.  He can be a little rude and unpredictable.  Hope for the best. But don't miss this talk.

This Photoforum talk will take place via Zoom. Registration is FREE with an optional donation to support FORMAT events and artists. It will also be available on the FORMAT facebook page.



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