FORMAT News: Portfolio Review Award Winners

FORMAT News: Portfolio Review Award Winners

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FORMAT21 is delighted to announce the winners of this year's Portfolio Review Awards. Our thanks go to all the reviewers and reviewees who participated in this truly global event. We are also extremely grateful to all our award givers who make the FORMAT Portfolio Reviews so special.

Over two days the photography community joined together to look at and talk about photography and share their stories and ideas. 72 reviewers conducted 768 reviews with150 artists from 35 countries including Thailand; India; Uganda; New Zealand; Zanzibar; China; South Korea; North and South America; Japan and all across Europe.

  • From Mirjam Kooiman : Great overall quality of artists, I’ve had super interesting meetings.
  • From Monica Allende :  always a pleasure to join FORMAT team.
  • From Cheryl Newman : Hi Everyone. It was such a treat this morning.
  • From Jann Rosen-Queralt : You are doing a fabulous job with review process.
  • From R.J. Kern (Minneapolis, USA) : Hi from the USA! Enjoying the reviews so far! Great work!
  • From Pippa Oldfield : Great reviews - really high standard of work
  • From Sian Bonnell : I have loved my day today - amazing work and wonderful organisation from all Format team - thank you! X
  • From Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger : Lovely smart artists!
  • From Eddie Quinones : Just had my last review. I really, really enjoyed my reviews and conversations. Thank you Format for putting together such a great event.
  • From Helen Starr : This is so perfectly done and delivered!

FORMAT21 Portfolio Review Award Winners

FORMAT Patron Award - Winner Ioanna Natsikou selected by Brian Griffin for her project Interlude in Blue

FORMAT Reviewers Choice Award - Winner Christian K. Lee selected by the FORMAT21 reviewers for his project Cancelled Prom

Shutter Hub Portfolio Prize - L-R, Winner Anna Sellen for her project Lie of the Land and Highly Commended went to Hilde Maassen

FORMAT Lishui Photography Festival Special Exhibition Award - Winner Marcel Rickli for his project Aeon


Spectrum Portfolio Award - Winner Anouchka Renaud-eck for her project Ardhanarishvara and Runner's Up L-R Anand Chhabra and Caitriona Dunnett

John E Wright Award - Winner Sofia Rodrigues for her project Garden See


The Moth House Edgar Martins Mentor Award - Joint Winners, clockwise Helen McGhie, Maryam Wahid, Elena Helfrecht

Daylight FORMAT Multimedia Feature - Winner Arun Misra was selected by Daylight Books Cofounder, Michael Itkoff

FORMAT21: Control Catalogue 

With texts by festival director Louise Fedotov-Clements, guest curators Marina Paulenka, W.M. Hunt, Paul Lowe and Jennifer Good, plus extracts from Brian Griffin's book this year's festival catalogue is packed with great images and articles accompanying each of the exhibitions in FORMAT21: Control.

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