Edwina Crowns Lennon King Of Pop

Edwina Crowns Lennon King Of Pop

Author and politician Edwina Currie presented John Lennon with top prize in the zany show Pop Star of the Century at High Peak Bookstore on Friday, part of Buxton Fringe.

Lennon, played by show writer and vocalist Alan Charnley who played 12 singing roles in costume and masks as well three politicians - but not including Edwina - was chosen by the audience as winner.

Edwina said: " It was one of the daftest and funniest shows I’ve seen. Audience had a ball - and I’m hoarse from singing along.

Charnley wrote the show and a self help book 'Facing Surgery Don't be a Scaredy Cat' while recovering from major cancer surgery: "We had a fantastic audience reception to both shows we did for Buxton Fringe," he said.

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