Derbyshire science company Lubrizol boosts man re-running half marathon in which he sustained concussion

A running trio supporting their friend and sibling on his first race since he suffered a serious head injury while competing in the same event have been boosted in their charity fundraising by Derbyshire science company Lubrizol.


Andy Southey, 31, is taking part in Nottingham’s Robin Hood Half Marathon in September, along with his brother Dave and close friend Matt Thompson.


This year is Andy’s first time taking part in the famous event since 2019, when without warning he blacked out and collapsed three miles before the finish. Andy suffered with Post Concussion Syndrome leaving him with serious health complications which at their worst left him unable to walk or dress himself.


He said: “I was running the Robin Hood Half Marathon and I was the fittest I’ve ever been. I was really feeling good about the race. There were no signs in training that anything was untoward. On race day I was going strong, and about three miles off from the end of the race, the last thing I remember doing was looking at my watch, and the next thing I was in the back of an ambulance. I’d had a black out.”


Andy had suffered concussion but unfortunately, this was not picked up in the early days and he carried on as normal. But things were not right and following a GP visit he was eventually diagnosed with Post Concussion Syndrome. Andy’s health deteriorated rapidly, leaving him unable to walk properly or finish sentences, and only able to lie on the sofa. It was months before he was well enough to return to work.


Now, in 2023, Andy is bravely taking part in the Robin Hood Half Marathon once again, raising money with his brother and friend for head injury charity Headway. The group has chosen the charity both to raise awareness of head injuries and also to help others who have also suffered with the serious effects of concussion.


The trio have already smashed their £1,000 target with the help of a generous match funding donation from Lubrizol’s charities and communities committee, where Matt works as an IT engineer, based at its technical centre in Hazelwood near Belper.


Andy, who has always loved running, said his confidence had taken a severe hit after his traumatic experience, but he had gradually got back into training with the help of his faith and support from his wife, family and friends.


He said: “If I wasn’t running for Headway, I don’t know if I’d be doing it. The motivation for me to go back and complete this race is about supporting a charity which is helping people in a similar situation to the one I was in, so their story and their journey can be different to mine.


“I want to help people understand the impact of a head injury and look out for the symptoms of a concussion and get yourself checked out.”


Matt, who is doing the Robin Hood Half Marathon for the third time, said: “I’m doing this five per cent for me personally, and the rest to support Andy.


“I’m a mental health first aider at Lubrizol and I know it’s really important to talk things through, so it’s nice to run with someone.”


Andy said: “Lubrizol has set themselves up to look for opportunities like this to support people. That for me is amazing and inspiring. Our original £1,000 target has absolutely been blown out of the sky. The money is going to do something really good for a great cause.


“In truth, I’m apprehensive about the run. I thought, ‘Can I do it?’ I believe I can finish the route but I’m honestly still struggling to think I can. I’m doing it anyway and I’m hanging on to this hope that I’m going to be able to finish this story.”

Claire Hollingshurst, from Lubrizol’s charities and communities committee, said: “We like to support charitable endeavours of our employees at Lubrizol and this was a great opportunity for us to donate to a brilliant cause. It’s so brave of Andy to be taking on the Robin Hood Half Marathon in spite of the trauma he suffered the last time he did the race. Everyone at Lubrizol wishes Andy, Dave and Matt all the very best with the run on September 24.”


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