Derbyshire People Highlight Positive Treatment and Care

Local people have spoken out about their positive experiences of health and social care services in the County in a new report published this week by public watchdog Healthwatch Derbyshire.

The report is based on 620 comments collated from patients, service users and members of the public across Derbyshire.

The findings of the survey: ‘what makes a positive experience?’ show that improving services to ensure a better experience for patients and the public need cost very little and in many cases, nothing at all.

Patients spoke about the importance of:

-    Being kept informed about appointments and waiting times
-    Continuity of care professionals handling treatment and support
-    Professional, friendly and supportive staff
-    Clear and easily understood information
-    Feeling cared for and treated as a valued individual
-    Being listened to and involved in treatment and care
-    Prompt referrals and assessments
-    Patient choice of care provision
-    Easy physical access to buildings
-    Clean and comfortable environments with good facilities

Based on this evidence, Healthwatch Derbyshire is asking service providers and commissioners to consider how they can ensure that these key areas are addressed in all aspects of their service delivery in a bid to improve people’s experience of care across all health and social care services.

Healthwatch Derbyshire CEO Karen Ritchie explained the importance of the report: “It is three full operational years that Healthwatch Derbyshire has been in existence. Although we do receive many accounts of poor experiences of care which we deal with on a daily basis, we also receive a considerable amount of evidence from patients, service users and members of the public of which our Derbyshire-wide service providers and commissioners can truly be proud. “Consequently, where services need to or wish to seek improvement, it is equally to the ‘good’ experiences that they should turn to inform potential changes.   “We hope that the information provided will support service providers and commissioners to improve services within a health and social care climate which we all recognise as being subjected to forever increasing demands.


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