Déda Associate Artist Explains the Science of Dance

International contemporary dance artist Jorge Crecis, a former Associate Artist at regional dance house Déda, will give an insight into his installation performance at Manchester Science Festival on Sunday October 23.

Jorge developed ‘Through & Out2’ while based at Déda in a collaboration which also drew on expertise from Derby-based QUAD and contemporary dance organisation The Place in London. In this presentation, Jorge will discuss the innovative show which combines sport, dance, science and technology.

When performing ‘Through & Out2’, Jorge endures the physical, mental and emotional states of a marathon runner during the 45-minute piece which is a cross between dance and rope-skipping, and also includes a compelling narrative which gives access to Jorge's memories, emotions and desires. Audiences experience the performer's exertion by spectating in the traditional sense but also by accessing real-time data about his physiological status including heartbeat, muscle contraction, oxygen consumption, perspiration and brain waves, generated in real time through a mobile app linked to sensors on his body.

At the Science Festival, visitors will gain an insight into the inner workings of this installation performance. Jorge is a Sport Sciences graduate and studied contemporary dance at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid. As a professional dancer he has worked throughout Europe and, as a choreographer, he has been commissioned by companies based in the UK, Europe, Russia, China and USA. He was recently invited to be a Fellow by the University of Derby, lecturing on the BA (Hons) Dance course which is based at Déda, and is undertaking a PhD at Goldsmith’s University focusing on how to train performance presence. Jorge explained: “Performance presence is a crucial element of ‘Through & Out2’ “The demands placed on the performers make skipping twice as hard so it is a mental, physical and emotional challenge for them, which they share with the audience in a unique and engaging way. “I travel the world working on this methodology for performance presence which is based on neurology, cognitive science and anthropology and is the result of 15 years’ research of my own practice and those of others.”

Déda Director Stephen Munn added: “‘Through & Out²’ is already widely anticipated throughout the international dance world and is an innovative combination of sport, dance, music and digital technology which pushes the boundaries of contemporary dance performance. “We all look forward to the feedback from Jorge’s Manchester Science Festival presentation, at the start of this exciting venture’s next stage, which also showcases the wonderful work that has been developed here at Déda.”


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