Commissioner’s Community Action Grant

Hardyal Dhindsa - Police & Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire

"It is my belief that projects conceived and delivered at a local level can make a huge difference in terms of increasing public safety and improving the quality of life in communities. To help this happen I have created a grants scheme so that community groups can bid for funding to help me deliver the priorities outlined in my Police and Crime Plan."

The Community Action Grant is open to voluntary and community groups and local non-profit making organisations.

Police and Crime Plan
The Commissioner is inviting funding applications which help to deliver his Police and Crime Plan priorities. These are:
•    Working to keep the most vulnerable in our communities safe from crime and harm and supporting those who are a victim of crime
•    Strong and effective partnership working
•    Tackling the impact of drugs and alcohol on communities
•    Supporting those with mental health issues, including those with learning difficulties, who come into contact with the Criminal Justice System
•    Working with young people, as victims or offenders, to understand their needs and prevent them becoming involved in criminal activities.

The Commissioner will be looking for:

•    Projects which empower the local community to tackle problems in their neighbourhood areas
•    Projects organised by (and involving) community/neighbourhood groups
•    Projects that can demonstrate that they can make a difference to local communities
•    Projects that take a new approach to tackling long term problems
•    Projects that foster good relations between partner agencies and communities and do not work in isolation.

Are you eligible?
•    Your group/organisation must have a set of rules, memorandum of understanding or Constitution (governing document)
•    Your group/organisation must have an active management team/board of Trustees of at least three people who are unrelated
•    Your group/organisation must have a bank account in the name of the group with at least two unrelated signatories.

Your project
Please provide as much of the following information as possible:
Need - Identify the need for the project and provide evidence of this need
Aim - Please explain the overall point of your project
Outcomes - The change you aim to bring about
Activities - The main services and activities you plan to carry out, what those working on your project will actually do and when
Monitoring and measuring progress - How you will demonstrate the change your project achieves.
How to apply:
Application forms, guidance and deadline dates can be found on the Commissioner’s website in the Grants section details below. Small grants any amount up to £2,500 Applications received will be fully assessed and final decisions will be communicated within four weeks of the specified dates.

Applications can be made up to three times per year. Large grants any amount from £2,501 - £25,000. There will be just one round of large grant applications per year.

If you have any questions regarding your funding applications please contact the Commissioner’s office to have a pre-application discussion with the Grants Officer on 0300 122 60006. communityactiongrant
0300 122 6000

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