Comedians are like you normals; we get old! (If we are lucky).

Getting old is weird and sudden. One minute you’re young and the next you aren’t.

If our cells are completely replaced lots of times over our lifetime, what about our personalities?

Are we the same people we started out as?

If we could conjure them up, what would our former child selves think of us now?                             

Impressed? Or appalled?

Did we break their promises? Fulfil our dreams?

Would we even recognise each other?

Now at last, in Soixante Mirth, Charmian’s completely new comedy work, you will get some answers to these questions as she is revisited by three Charmians Past- herself at ten, fourteen and 25.

Not since Kit- Game-of-Thrones -Harington did his Dr Faustus in the nuddy on the London stage will you have seen such convincing space time membrane penetration- and I know because I went to see it on your behalf. Quite a few times.


Underground venues.   14th july (10.15pm)  16th July (8.45pm)  


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