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Discover 200 ‘hidden gems’ across Derbyshire and the Peak District

Discover lesser-known cultural highlights that Derbyshire and the Peak District has to offer with a brand new app. At the heart of this free download are personal oral reminiscences and some of the best archive photography the region has to offer. Use this app to compare now and then. Listen to local residents personal stories that bring the past to life and fade old images of Derbyshire into your camera view and see how today's scene has changed.

Will you help Buxton Station get on track?

Friends of Buxton Station (FOBS) have been working to brighten up the spa town’s rail gateway since 2009.  Sadly, they became inactive for a couple of years and have just got a much-needed boost from a revitalising band of volunteers and new Chairman, Dave Carlisle.

The Mansfield Building Society help restore installation at Beth’s Poetry Trail in Belper

The Beth Fender Memorial Fund received an award of £500 from The Mansfield Building Society’s Community Support Scheme to cover costs of restoring one of the 20 installations on Beth’s Poetry Trail back to its original beauty. 

Glen Mulliner of Beth Fender Memorial Fund said: “We are very thankful to The Mansfield for donating these funds.  The installation had bad weather damage and these funds will not only cover restoration but will provide treatment which will prevent any future damage.”


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