Black Shale Newsletter - Funding, Partnerships & Networks

Black Shale Newsletter - Funding, Partnerships & Networks

Our Vision: A childhood made up of rich, varied experiences that include exposure to and participation in arts and cultural education builds the foundations for a happy and healthy life. An equality of access that effectively negotiates personal barriers, social stigma and geographical challenges means no one misses out or goes unheard.

Here's a round-up of opportunities and activities coming out of Black Shale and partners. If you'd like to have your event\project featured next time please get in touch!

Over The Garden Fence: DYCP Funding Focus

25th November 12:30pm-1:30pm

Is Arts Council funding on your radar but for one reason or another you've not applied yet?
The newly revamped Developing Your Creative Practice (DYCP) Arts Council Fund is open on the 21st Dec (increasing their budget from £3m to £18million. Many artists we’ve spoken to have used some of the quieter time this year to think about/ explore/ play with their practice in different ways; big and small. This fund can support that and more. Over an hour we'll introduce the fund, use the ACE resources to understand the guidance, jam on some ideas together and if it’s helpful Sam can offer free support to read and review your applications for the next round.

To sign up please email us.

Delivering Arts Award Funding

The Mighty Creatives have a £1000 'Return To School' Arts Award fund currently open. The deadline for applications is the 4th December.

Discover Arts Award Funding

We have secured funding to pay for Discover Arts Award certification costs. If you would like to get some of your costs covered for your Arts Award project, please get in touch.

Bringing The Paint to Blackwell Parish

We are super excited to be launching a new public art project in Bolsover. Thanks to funding from Arts Council England, Bolsover District Council and the Local Trust, we'll be working with the award winning Bring The Paint festival, their associate graffiti artists, local schools and local residents to co-create art work for permanent public display. Watch this space!

NEW: Rachel Carter's Kits and Tutorials

Artist Rachel Carter has recently developed a range of ‘do it at home’ packs - one of which was inspired by the Paper Murmuration installation from the 2019 Often Festival in St Martins Church. We particularly love the woven drops! Read more about them here.
Do you have a creative product or service you’d like to share?

Artist Commissions

We're delighted to be working with Rachel Scanlon, Elaine Lim-Newton, Emma Reynard, Lisa Green, Karen Herrick, Dave Wadsworth and Annie Woodhouse on our community and Ofton Festival commissions this term. In partnership with Morton Primary, Westhouses Primary, South Normantin Nursery, Model Village Primary and St Johns CE Primary. From clay figures to sunflowers, research inspired by the NHS rainbows and a mural of Morton village, there's lots happening.

Safeguarding for creative practitioners

Would you like to gain some current training to support your safeguarding knowledge? What do you want/need to know more of? Is it time for your safeguarding refresher?
We have free spaces available for Creative Practitioners to access NSPCC online e-learning. Register your interest before 30th November 2020

From years of delivering creative projects we know that sometimes for creative professionals safeguarding can feel (the word that should not be spoken) ‘grey’. Yes we said it, GREY! Even when armed with fresh safeguarding training, it’s important to recognise the Creative Practitioner often forms a unique role in delivery settings, leading to deeper relationships with people. 

We have listened, we hear you and recognise there aren’t specific safeguarding training courses for you, but Platform Thirty1 know the importance of bringing professionals together to thrash out ‘grey areas’ and share best practice. If you would like to join us for free a Zoom session that looks at safeguarding from a Creative Practitioner point of view, register your interest before the 30th November 2020.

Some Festive Fun, anyone?

We're thinking about an Over The Garden fence event to round off the year with some creative fun (materials delivered to you - no charge), connection, and maybe a glass of whatever-you-like together over Zoom. Would you like to join us? Let us know.

New Opportunities at The Mighty Creatives

There are a number of opportunities at TMC at the moment, including a new full time post. All details are here.

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