Baker Consultants' Carlos Abrahams paper on Pond Acoustic Sampling Scheme

Baker Consultants' Carlos Abrahams paper on Pond Acoustic Sampling Scheme

Baker Consultants Technical Director Carlos Abrahams has been working on a new paper with fellow bioacoustics experts Jack Greenhalgh and Camille Desjonqueres entitled “Pond Acoustic Sampling Scheme: A Draft Protocol For Rapid Acoustic Data Collection In Small Water Bodies“. The paper has just been accepted and published by Ecology and Evolution journal and looks at the establishment of a standardised sampling protocol for small bodies of water that are critical to freshwater conservation.

Ponds provide habitats for a wide range of life, both aquatic and amphibious but also terrestrial, and contribute to overall ecosystem functioning and diversity. Datasets on ponds are limited and often data collected is incompatible for further research so Carlos, along with his paper co-authors, proposed the pond acoustic sampling scheme (PASS) as a simple protocol for ecologists and conservationists to follow.

As a new sampling protocol, PASS would enable consistent sound recordings to be gathered by researchers and conservation organisations. The end goal being a compilation of standardised data that enables more effective research into the soundscapes of small water bodies.

A key principle of PASS is to make 10 recordings in one minute segments at different locations around one pond. These acoustic recordings can then be analysed, enabling a rapid assessment of pond quality and condition a wider adoption of this protocol as standard would then support comparisons between studies, data sharing and the establishment of coherent datasets.

To read the full paper visit this website:

DOI: 10.1002/ECE3.7585

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