The Art of a Good Sentence with Joe Moran

A LoveLit event presented by Arts Derbyshire and Derbyshire Libraries

There is the opportunity to perfect those sentences when author and Professor of English Joe Moran delivers a masterclass workshop at Chesterfield Library on 22 June 2019, 12.30 to 3.30 pm.  Tickets £19.45 includes light refreshments.

 James Baldwin wrote that the one true goal of a writer should be ‘to write a sentence as clean as a bone’. The secret of good writing lies in the sentences. When readers find a piece of prose engaging, they are responding not just to the subject matter but to the sound and shape and clarity of the sentences.

Using a bare minimum of technical and grammatical terms, this masterclass will present a guide to writing great sentences. It will show that by understanding a few basic concepts – such as the crucial importance of word order, of identifying a strong subject and main verb, and of paying attention to sentence flow and cadence – we can all write in a way that feels fresh and alive and that comes from a distinctive authorial voice. It will teach participants to see the sentence as a gift from writer to reader – a gift that should never be bought with the reader’s boredom or confusion.

Joe Moran also writes for the Guardian, TLS and New Statesman.

To find out more or to book visit can also be booked at your local Derbyshire Library.

Save the date! Derbyshire Noir Festival is coming…

On Saturday 17th August LoveLit, in partnership with Derbyshire Libraries, will be presenting the first ever Derbyshire Noir Festival for crime writers and readers. There will panels, talks, entertainment and a great chance to network with other crime writers and crime fans. If you like your reads to be on the dark side then look out for more information coming soon along with an early bird booking offer.


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