Untitled, The Deep Sleep

Visual artist Yulia will be taking part in Buxton Fringe from the 5th till the 15th of July - 'Untitled, The Deep Sleep'.

A theatrical installation will be taking place at several locations where one the most intimate experiences - sleep is shared with the audience.
(Pavilion Gardens; Town Hall by the Funfair).

The performance will be filmed and broadcast live to three screens situated around the bed. Mattresses, blankets and pillows are arranged around the base of the platform. Members of the public are welcome to settle down on the mattresses and, if they wish to join Yulia in slumber or simply watch.
You can find a video (L.5min) of the work took place in Milan, 2017 here:

This is an independent, self-initiated, self-funded, arranged, organised and governed project taking part in several other UK Fringes this summer, including Brighton, Barnstaple, Manchester & Edinburgh. The project first took place in Europe in 2016 and travelled every summer throughout, including London.

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