An Opportunity from Rolls-Royce

An Opportunity from Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce Derby is looking for one day community projects for teams of various sizes to undertake around Derby/Derbyshire.  Maybe your charity or local community group has just the right opportunity for their employees?  

Historically they have undertaken a good deal of conservation work but the teams are keen to explore any ideas you might have.

Rolls-Royce teams usually range from ten to forty people and can sometimes offer a budget to pay for materials and resources to help deliver the project.

For Rolls-Royce to work with an organisation they must have their own expertise in being able to lead the project and facilitate the Rolls-Royce team which includes providing them with a risk assessment.  They must also be able to provide any tools that the teams are required to use.

Any interested organisations should contact Debbie Duro, Community Investment Manager via email by 24th March giving details of their project.

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