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As winter approaches we're sure Derbyshire will provide a few beautiful snow filled days with moments such as these captured by Jenny Fox in her crisp, concise poem The Hungry Fox.  With best wishes  for the Festive season -Ali & Priscilla 

A couple of years ago, the snow stayed for a while. One day I happened to look out of our bedroom window, down the hill, and there was a very thin fox, standing very still.  It struck me as a very beautiful, almost haunting moment that I'd been allowed to experience - so I wrote about it. - Jenny King

The Hungry Fox

Glancing, snowward from the cottage window,
I saw him,
russet skinny.

He, seeing nothing in that three week snow somnolent garden to ease his
ribarched hunger,
walked on, wearily it seemed to me,
down the white heaped garden steps,
reaching the bottom,

disappeared into the dangerous daylight.

by Jenny King

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