New Dance Theatre Work and Photography Exhibition features an inter-generational cast ranging from early 20s to mid-60s

After six years presenting dance theatre outdoors, acclaimed choreographer and Artistic Director of Tilted Productions Maresa von Stockert is returning to the stage. Constructions of Thin Air is a brand new work merging contemporary dance with physical theatre and featuring an inter-generational cast ranging in age from early 20s to mid 60s.

Performing at Déda, the creative centre for Dance, Contemporary Circus and Outdoor Work located in Derby’s Cathedral Quarter, on Thursday 15 February at 7.30pm, the piece explores what it means to belong as global systems rapidly shift and the concepts of ‘home’ and ‘identity’ become ever-more weighted.

Moving and poignantly absurd by turns, the piece reflects the company’s continuing interest in universal human themes, asking questions about the notion of our place within political, economic or social systems, and the private realm of the word ‘belonging’. Shifting architectural landscapes will be created on stage using cardboard boxes as building blocks, evoking connections with homelessness, moving house and our flat pack throwaway society.

Von Stockert said “For me the physical dialogue between the performers and the objects on stage is a metaphor for the fragile, changeable meaning of home, identity and belonging.”

Unusually for the dance world, Tilted Productions boasts an intergenerational cast of dancers, representing a range of life stages, who bring a refreshing honesty to the work that perhaps more of us can find relatable. Many of the dancers have come to performing professionally through non-traditional routes.

In his mid-sixties, Cecil Rowe spent the majority of his working life as a producer/director in corporate television. Having taken numerous dance classes in jazz and ballet, Cecil joined Tilted Productions in 2014 – his first job as a professional performer. Cecil said, “I think it is fair to say that dance is generally considered the preserve of the young, fit and 'body beautiful', so to be able to perform with Tilted Productions at this stage in my life is a hugely exciting, challenging, and stimulating experience for me! It has literally helped 'keep me on my toes' and fulfilled a lifelong love affair with movement and dance.”

33-year-old George Miles was a drummer in Punk bands and an early years’ play worker before taking up dance to help manage a long-term health condition. Having become involved with Tilted as a community participant in an outdoor production, George joined the company as a professional dancer in 2017. George commented, “Through dance, I’ve found a way to reconnect with my body in a positive way. For me, performing is all about the shared experience. I enjoy the contrasting moments of serenity and madness, fear and safety, tension and release.”

Constructions of Thin Air has evolved from the company’s acclaimed site-specific outdoor promenade performance BELONGING(s) that toured the UK & Europe 2015-17. Without shouting an opinion or presenting answers, the piece aims to ask questions and provoke thoughts on the changing nature of home, identity and the systems that surround us.

Tilted Productions create playful and challenging cross art form collaborations rooted in the world of contemporary dance. The accompanying exhibition entitled ‘Framed’ will be on display at Déda from Thursday 1 March until Saturday 28 April. As their inaugural photo exhibition, Tilted are delighted to share a glimpse into their work from 2002 until today including the visually striking choreography that has been of interest to many photographers and visual artists.

Von Stockert’s work has been described as “strikingly original” (Judith Mackrell, The Guardian); “witty and well-focused” (Zoe Anderson, The Independent) and “one of the most engaging contemporary dance events of the year” (Debra Craine, The Times)

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