Learning for Leisure Launched at Derby College

Derby College has launched a new programme of taster courses designed to introduce local people to new skills and hobbies.

Special pre-Christmas sessions are being held every week from £10 at the Roundhouse in Pride Park in the run up to Christmas for making festive cards, baubles and craft prints as well as sessions to learn basic DIY plumbing skills needed during the winter months.

Two-hour introductions to conversational French and Spanish are also held at the Roundhouse.

Derby College Chief Executive Mandie Stravino explained: “Our adult and part time learning offer has traditionally focused very much on vocational and academic skills that lead to nationally recognised qualifications to support people in their career aspirations.

“I am however passionate that learning has many other benefits such improved health, wellbeing and increased self-confidence.

“I am delighted that we have launched the learning for leisure experience which are ideal for local people who want to pursue a new hobby, build on existing skills or perhaps gain the confidence to return to learning on a more formal footing. 

“The courses are run by our team of specialist lecturers and make further use of our superb facilities at Derby College.

“They are designed to be relaxed and sociable experiences and an opportunity to meet new people who share a common interest.”

For more information about these and all the courses available at Derby College, please call 0800 028 0289 or visit www.derby-college.ac.uk/learning-for-leisure

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