Business opportunities across Derbyshire

Local businesses are being urged to look at commercial opportunities that Derbyshire county council are offering.

There are a large number of sites across the county including large country parks, picnic sites, canals and woodlands where businesses could trade. Activities could include catering, shops and retail, events, weddings, festivals, paintballing or other leisure activities.

Cabinet Member for Highways, Transport and Infrastructure, Councillor Dean Collins, explained:

"We've got a huge number of sites across the county which could offer much more to the people who use them. There are definitely lots of opportunities for businesses, and we need to take steps to increase our income.

"We're open to any suggestions that businesses might have."

The sites the council has available include:

    Country parks, including Elvaston and Shipley
    Trails and greenways for cyclists, walkers and horse riders
    Parts of the Chesterfield Canal and Cromford Canal
    Picnic sites

Do you have an idea for sustainable development on one of these sites?

The council are keen to explore, where possible, the development of our countryside sites in a manner that is sensitive to the site and the enjoyment of current users. It's also hoped that this would increase visitor use and enjoyment and generate an income.

There are a number of potential areas that could be considered:

"We have a number of large busy country parks with the potential for visitor based activities such as events catering and possibly retail. There are reclaimed colliery sites, mainly in the east of the county, whose landscapes are now maturing into high quality green open space and conservation areas. They now have potential for events and activities. The county is covered by a network of trails and greenways for cyclists, horse riders and pedestrians. We own parts of both the Chesterfield Canal and Cromford Canal. Both are well used by visitors and offer all sorts of potential for development. Our large picnic sites offer a possible location for catering, retail or events. Our small picnic sites are a possible site for smaller events and activities. There are a large number of woodlands throughout the county which might be suitable for activities or events or possible sustainable management."

The suitability of development types will vary between individual sites and some sites will be able to accommodate more robust activities, for example paintballing or large events. while others would only accommodate much lower key events.

Please contact if you have an idea however as although one site may not be suitable we may have others that are.


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