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‘Ambitious, Unique, Inspiring, Visionary, Magical’ are just some of the superlatives that the public have used to describe the first Arts Council England funded StarDisc located in Wirksworth, Derbyshire.

Created by Aidan Shingler this 21st celestial amphitheatre is a highly valued community asset, educational resource and performance space. It has attracted thousands of visitors; many have experienced the numerous exciting events, performances and activities that have been staged on the StarDisc since it was launched in 2011..

StarDisc is FREE and open for anyone and everyone to enjoy, 24 hours a day, all year round.

The StarDisc Trust was established to protect, develop and support the interests, integrity and future of StarDisc and broaden and intensify its benefits for the nation and its citizens. Our organisation consists of creative industry professionals, educationalists, entrepreneurs, business and finance professionals, media and IT professionals and community leaders. The team has secured a broad range of other relevant specialist expertise and continues to attract committed and enthusiastic supporters from all walks of life.

StarDisc benefits Wirksworth, the county and the East Midlands region in a variety ways -

• Enables and facilitates performing arts:
Music - Movement - Dance - Drama - Story telling – Poetry
• Enriches the cultural and creative life of local and regional community
• Enlivens local heritage
• Supports the local economy
• Attracts tourism
• Promotes Wirksworth
• Creates a regional landmark
• Fosters community cohesion
• Encourages inclusion and participation
• Improves wellbeing
• Serves as an educational facility
• Functions as a venue for Wirksworth’s annual Festival of Visual and Performing Arts

StarDisc is a multi faceted and universally inclusive arena that brings individuals and communities together the themes of:

• Science and Astronomy
• Education and Discovery
• Entertainment and Performance
• Enterprise and Employment
• Health and Wellbeing
• Recreation and Celebration
• Faith and Spirituality

Beyoynd Wirksworth: The StarDisc Array. The StarDisc Trust aspires to locate a StarDisc in each of the eight regions of England. The StarDisc Array will connect people and places by linking communities and invigorating contemporary arts in Britain. It is anticipated to deliver significant social, economic, community benefits. Each new StarDisc will celebrate diversity, creativity, promote inclusion and nurture cohesion in communities.

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The StarDisc Trust
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