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Moorland Canine myotherapy specialises in the identification and treatment of muscular injury and associated compensatory issues in dogs.

Through the application of advanced, targeted massage techniques, myotherapy can manage and support a range of mobility issues; promoting optimal muscle function throughout your dog’s life and enhancing their performance, wellbeing and recovery.

Do you have a working or sporting dog and want to maintain or enhance their performance?

Myotherapy can help to keep your working dog or canine athlete in optimum condition; enhancing their overall muscle health and flexibility, promoting balance and an effective range of motion, mitigating stiffness and soreness whilst reducing the dogs chance of future injury. Treatment can support and maintain optimal muscle health throughout your dog’s life.

Myotherapy treatment can play a vital role in the following:

• Chronic postural and loading issues
• Damaged or injured muscle and allied soft tissue
• Residual or compensatory effects following injury
• Post-operative recuperation
• Support for the development of healthy scar tissue
• Intermittent or consistent lameness
• Secondary muscle tension, knots or spasms
• Post-trauma treatment
• Pre and post event treatments to support performance
• Enhancing performance in working and sporting dogs
• Maintaining good muscle health throughout the dog’s life
• Supporting a palliative care regime

In addition to clinical practice, I also run fun, interactive workshops for both owners and their dogs which include both practical and informative theory-based content and are intended to introduce both handler and their dogs to the benefits of canine massage.
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