10.00 - 13.00
The Sir William Hotel
Sir William Hill Road, Grindleford

Hope Valley
S32 2HS
Price: Handler and their dog £40
Spectator only £30

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Moorland Canine
Upper Burch Row The Causeway
Hope Valley

07793 682685


An introduction to canine massage for dog owners

Dog health / canine massage
This fun, interactive workshop for both owners and their dogs includes both practical and informative, theory-based content and is intended to introduce both handler and their dogs to the benefits of Galen Canine Myotherapy and canine massage from an owners perspective.

Galen Canine Myotherapy can be highly effective in supporting your dog’s performance, wellbeing and recovery throughout all of their life’s stages - from pre and post-event preparation to improve or maintain performance in sporting and working dogs, to post-op recuperation, musculoskeletal issues such as osteoarthritis and hip-dysplasia, lameness and injury.

The treatment utilises advanced, clinical massage amongst other rehabilitation techniques to manage chronic pain, reduce inflammation and support a range of canine musculoskeletal issues.

Through the course of the workshop you will be introduced to the following:

Galen Canine Myotherapy and how it can be used to support your dog’s performance, well-being and recovery throughout all of their life’s stages.

The importance of good overall muscle health, muscular imbalance and compensation, and importantly, how compensation affects your dog.

Basic canine anatomy and physiology in terms of what’s happening under the dog’s skin; the canine structure, muscular imbalance and how massage can positively influence this.

A range of musculoskeletal and mobility conditions that can be supported by the treatment along with their impact on the dog’s quality of life and overall health – both physiologically and psychologically.

The links between pain and your dog’s behaviour, and how to spot some of the indicators of chronic pain.

Practical demonstration and individual instruction on how to use three massage techniques on your own dog with age-appropriate application guidelines.

Set in a stone-built, gabled house, the Sir William is a country hotel in the village of Grindleford in the Derbyshire Peak District. It is just over a mile from Grindleford train station and 2.5 miles from Eyam, the village famous for its self-imposed quarantine during the plague.

The hotel is approximately 15 minutes' drive from Chatsworth House and the market town of Bakewell and 30 minuted from Sheffield and Chesterfield. The Sir William is very dog-friendly, offers great food and fantastic views, so why not stay for lunch afterwards.

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