Winter Narratives: Residency Opportunity for Artists from Artcore

Winter Narratives: Residency Opportunity for Artists from Artcore

Artcore is organizing a Residency project titled Winter Narratives, for artists in both the UK & Vadodara, India, and will include a selection of 7 artists, 2 from the East Midlands and 5 from within India.

The Residency will be held at a picturesque location in the Mahi River ravines on the outskirts of Vadodara city, from December 7 to 21, 2019. The 2-week artist’ Residency will introduce India and its contemporary art world to the British artists and especially the strength of the Narrative in art produced especially by the artists from the Baroda School of Art (the Faculty of Fine Arts, M S University).

Winter Narratives will include 5 artists from India who especially work in the Narrative as the focus of their work. While the British artists can create works that respond to their experience of India (or even according to their own interests), the major takeaway from this Residency will be an interactive and proactive discussion between ALL the artists as to the role of the Narrative in Contemporary art and the traditions of the narrative in both European and Indian art.

The Residency and Artist Camp will be held in the beautiful, green surroundings of the Highness farm in Aampad village, on the outskirts of the Baroda City; with a lot of birds and natural beauty. December is also a very pleasant time to visit India when the weather is cool. It’s a wonderful time and as artists, you will not just have a great ‘visual’ time but can join in the festive period leading up to Christmas.

Residency objectives:

  • Artists with a commitment to developing their practice, who seek a dialogue and engagement with Baroda artists community and the wider Indian Contemporary Arts and Cultural Sector (artists, studios, producers, galleries, venues and festivals).
  • Artists with an interest in how sharing practices and collaborative working can inform the development of their work and how this residency will benefit their practice.
  • Artists who aim to embrace the ways in which cultural experiences will inform further development of their own work. The residency will take place in Baroda, India.

The programme includes the following benefits:

  • Support international travel for UK artists (Heathrow-Vadodara-back)
  • Boarding and lodging of TWO artists from 07/12 to 21/12/2019
  • Participation Art Camp
  • Project materials provided
  • Artist blog
  • Artist talks
  • A curator to work with
  • E Catalogue
  • Opportunity to deliver workshops with local artists
  • Publicity and marketing support

Deadline to apply: 10th November 2019

To apply go to:

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