Why celebrity crystals are outshining all Danielle’s products

Why celebrity crystals are outshining all Danielle’s products

Healing crystals popular with celebrities including Adele, Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian-West are proving to be the perfect tonic during lockdown according to a Derbyshire entrepreneur.
Danielle Dunn runs the handmade toiletries company Divine Box from her home in Swadlincote and came up with the sparkling idea to add the A-lister ingredients to her latest range of bath bombs.

The gemstone’s reputation for potentially curing illnesses, protecting against disease and reducing anxiety means that people across the region can’t get enough of them.
And Danielle says that the endorsement of celebs such as Adele, who often holds a crystal during performances to combat stage fright, means she is selling hundreds every week.
Danielle said: “Victoria Beckham won’t open her fashion shows without the positive vibes of pink quartz and she carries a black obsidian crystal in her handbag ‘for strength’. Naomi Campbell swears by protective black tourmaline, while Jennifer Aniston wears a moonstone necklace.
“Crystals are absolutely all the rage and I think they are a great way to rejuvenate your energy levels and bring peace, especially at the moment when everything is so uncertain. It’s hard to escape the negativity sometimes.
“I have always worked in the care industry and now Divine Box is all about self-care which has never been more important. People need to remember to take time out for themselves and something as simple as running a hot bath with a beautiful bath bomb is a great way to do that.”
Danielle launched her own handmade bath bomb business during the first peak of the Coronavirus pandemic and has since been inundated with orders, making as many as 2,000 products a day to meet demand."

And thanks to the business’ booming success, Danielle has since expanded her range to include products, such as soaps, shower gel and shampoo.
While traditional Chinese medicine has long incorporated crystals, there is no scientific evidence to support the health properties of crystals, but their use is becoming more widespread in Western health and beauty treatments.
Each stone, according to believers, addresses a specific need; amethyst brings physical and emotional tranquillity, rose quartz brings inner peace while black tourmaline is said to reduce toxicity.
Danielle added: “I code each bath bomb in a capsule with a random hidden crystal inside, alongside an explanation of its healing properties.

“This means the crystal a customer finds is down to fate, but it is believed the crystal your body needs will make its way to you.

“Crystals allow positive, healing energy to flow into the body as negative energy flows out - and right now, there is nothing more important than positivity.”

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