Well, Dam! Event 30 November

A poetry Reading from the brand new anthology from Beautiful Dragons Collaborations will be held  at the Pump Room at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday 30 November. Entry is free. Donation for drinks. Books will be on sale.

Before the flick of a faucet brought clean clear water to throat and pore, humans didn’t take the original pure drop for granted. We delighted in it’s vital wonder; gave springs nymphs, crowned well-heads with flowers. Blessed ourselves with it.
   But like kids growing out of fairy stories, when the stuff was on tap, we stopped revering it. We being the lucky inhabitants of regions where the clouds give up their bounty pretty regularly and predictably —our fellows in arid, dicey regions never had the luxury of complacency.
   Last summer, when the reliable rains first failed then fell too hard, it seemed like a good idea to revive some water reverence. But a cursory look around us showed springs untended, and holy wells with litigation-aware notices forbidding their use. And all the while, water continued to pour out of cracks in the infrastructure like it wasn’t central to our survival.
   As if there wasn’t enough to be rattled about with that little thing that most of us call climate change and the rest of us call odd weather.
   Turned out that Beautiful Dragons poets were foaming about the waste, annexation and even theft of this fabulous resource. So  we made an anthology to drizzle a little light on the issue. 101 of us in fact. Just a touch above boiling point. And we’ll be pooling at the Pump House, Buxton at 6pm on 30 November.
  Jump in with us, and mind the splash!

Further information:
Linda Goulden   itslindasbox@btinternet.com
Liz Mackenzie   lmackenzie@buxtoncrescentexperience.com
Beautiful Dragons  beautiful dragons.net   beautifuldragons@icloud.com


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