Transitions: 16 - 18 and Beyond

Thursday 25th April 2019 
NWG Derby

There is no doubt that throughout the country there is a disparity in the support available to children making the transitions into adulthood and the services available to them. However there are more and more conversations happening nationally that are recognising the need to offer support and acknowledging that vulnerabilities we see in them as children don't just go away when they turn 18. 


Along with the work Steve Baguley (NWG) is doing nationally within services including Local Authorities he has supported the development of the CPD Accredited training course "Transitions: 16 to 19 and Beyond"

Do you want to know more about how you might develop your knowledge further in regards to transition or do you know someone with the field of Adult Services who might benefit a more detailed understanding of the exploitation of children who are heading towards adulthood? 
It would be great if you could come along and join us on our next training day on 25th April at the NWG offices in Derby (details and booking can be done through this link.....

Practitioners and services who submitted their thoughts and reflections into the NWG report "it does not stop because you turn 18. Sexual exploitation the journey into adulthood" (2018) said the following.......


“Good transition should be seen as an early intervention model for Adult Social Care and Mental Health Services. If we get transition right vulnerable young adults can get the support that they need and potentially stop issues escalating.” 


“There are additional risks to young adults who have experienced (C)SE which include: mental health difficulties, post-traumatic stress disorder, criminal behaviours, alcohol and drug misuse, domestic abuse and having Social Care involvement with their own children. It is therefore critical that the transition for these children to adulthood does not result in them failing to receive the support and protection that they need.”


We need to get this right for our children and for our children who are in the transition to becoming an adult. 

Thursday 25th April 2019
NWG Derby
£99/£129 per person

For more information and to book your place click HERE

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