Three New Additions to the GT Fleet Keep Your Business Moving

Three New Additions to the GT Fleet Keep Your Business Moving

The twins have arrived and are raring to go! GT Couriers are happy to introduce three new additions to our fleet to keep your business moving, including two new Luton vans – not quite identical, but near enough!

Both are curtain siders, however one comes equipped with a full closure tail lift and the other with barn doors, allowing greater flexibility for our customers needs.

Both vans have been geared up to cover a variety of delivery options, including secure SPX airfreight and hazardous aware shipments – but can also be used on general freight deliveries.

This vehicle type has proved extremely popular with our customers, as it bridges the gap nicely between our sprinter panel vans (4 pallets) and the 7.5t trucks (10 pallets) –  allowing them to make savings on loads up to 6 standard pallet spaces.

As well as rear door loading the Lutons allow side loading through the curtains, ideal for oversized pallets or awkward shipments that won’t fit through the back doors of a panel van. Also, as they’re not restricted by tachograph regulations, they will make good on tighter delivery times when you’re working against the clock.

If you have between 1 -6 pallets with a gross weight not exceeding 970kg that you would normally send by 7.5ton truck, give our Ops team a call on 01159 300868 and they will happily give you a very competitive quote.

The Specs

Non tail lift:

  • Max payload 970kg = 6 x UK pallets – Load area dims:  400L x 200W x 200H (cm)
  • Side & rear loading

Tail lift:

  • Max payload 740kg = 6x UK pallets – Load area dims : 400L x 200W x 200H (cm)
  • Side and rear loading

As well as our two Luton vans, our new artic has arrived and has hit the ground running!

She is a working night owl Monday through to Saturday Morning – but with a fresh driver you can book her to work the day shift. Available 5am-4pm and weekends (subject to driver hours).

  • Tractor unit:  Mercedes Actros
  • Trailer:  13.5m curtain side and 28t payload

The Actros is mainly geared up for secure SPX Airfreight – but again is flexible enough to drop onto general freight deliveries if required.

The ideal day job would be a localised regular run that allows it to get back for its night rotation – if you have work that will fit the above hours get in touch with us for a very competitive rate.

Save money on your urgent shipments and ring GT Couriers for a no obligation quote. If you’d like further information on our fleet and services, please do not hesitate to contact our Ops team on 01159 300868.

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