Support Dronfield Barn

Support Dronfield Barn

Like all small businesses and charities, the current pandemic has given the Dronfield Heritage Trust unprecedented challenges.  

We are a registered charity and we have currently lost all our essential, regular income streams. Dronfield Hall Barn is at the centre of the community and we provide valuable support for local people through our volunteer and events programme, work with schools and local training partners. Currently we are running a collection and delivery service to support vulnerable people and the wider community. 

If you have ever enjoyed a visit to the Barn, one of our events, exhibitions or Festivals, or if your child has been involved in one of our projects, please consider supporting us, so after this period we can return to our role in the community as quickly as possible.

There are several ways you can help:


Make a donation

Make a £10 donation to help us cover running costs and keep up our collection and delivery service. Your financial support will also help us get up and running again after the crisis. 

Click here to head to our website to donate. 


Use our Collection & Delivery Service

Don't forget that we continue to run a fresh produce collection and delivery service from the Barn on Monday-Saturday and any purchases help to support the Barn. Please ring 01246 273207 or 07971 928459 to place your order. Download the updated order forms below, or head to our website to learn more. 

Bakery Products
Dairy Products
Fruit & Veg

A reminder that the Barn building and gardens are NOT open to the public at this time – please ONLY come to the premises for collection. Thank you all for your continued support during this challenging time for us.


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Make sure you keep up to date with future developments at the Barn by following us on Facebook - where we post regular updates. Share with your friends to support our growing online community! 

You'll also be able to find some of the most fascinating images from our archive as part of a new 'From the Archive' feature. 

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