Spirit MD Hyde

Martin D Hyde is a contemporary artist based in Ashbourne in the Peak
District. He creates expressive abstract paintings using acrylic on canvas.
Martin's work is about life as a person living with depression, those around
him, and his place in the world; the highs, the lows - love, loss, mood,
isolation, place and belonging, since being diagnosed with cyclic
depression at the age of 30.
Through his paintings, Martin wants to bring a better understanding and
acceptance of the issues surrounding depression, and the difficulties for
those who love them, based on his own experiences.
Martin wants to explore some of these issues though the visual language
he has created through his paintings.
Spirit is an exhibition of paintings, representing a visual diary over the past
two years of his life.
The show runs from the 3/05/18 and the 28/7/18. 
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