'A Sense of Place' - Opens - 11th November 2017 at The Old Lock Up Gallery

'A Sense of Place' - Opens - 11th November 2017 at The Old Lock Up Gallery

The Old Lock Up Gallery is excited to announce the opening of Heather Duncans' Solo Show 'A Sense of Place' on the 11th November from 5pm - 7pm.
The show then continues until 17th December 2017.

Heathers abstracted landscapes sing loud and true with colour - the gallery is the perfect space for Heathers work: enabling the paintings to be experienced in all their vibrant glory.  
Our gallery cupboard will also house a selection of Heathers beautiful hand thrown utilitarian ceramics.

We are also extremely delighted to be the first Contemporary Art Gallery to exhibit Heathers latest ceramic pieces -  which are painterly, bold & expressive. 

'A Sense of Place - Heather Duncan
Dynamic landscapes constructed out of blocks of colour, textures of paint and numerous gestures, accents and modulations; these are the means by which Heather Duncan expresses a highly personal view of her environment. Places take on a remarkable importance, in particular the rugged northern landscape of vast Pennine moorland, striking fells and crags, monumental castles, and expansive coastlines.
Duncan knows these locations intimately; they are her childhood and spiritual home and are profoundly connected to her artistic activity. This deeply felt association to these specific places directs her back to them time and time again, even when she is far from ‘home’ there is a calling that leads her to “return to these fells and crags daily, painting them as I feel them, as I remember them”. - Martin Goold


Please feel free to join us for the opening of the show on Saturday 11th November from 5pm - 7pm. If you are unable to do so then the gallery is open 11-5pm Thursday - Saturday and 11-4.30pm on Sundays until 17th Dec.

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