The Secret Postcard Show 2022

This weekend sees the final few days of our  Summer Show - it's a fabulous show and I've really enjoyed spending time with the artists work in the gallery. If you'd like to catch it before it closes we are open this Friday through until Sunday 7th 11-5pm.
Alternatively, you can view the work via our website:

The next exhibition is this year's Secret Postcard Show - which received a massive response to the call for entries!
Artists: 169
Postcards: 641

Heartfelt thanks to everyone that was able to send in their work for the show - I'm genuinely touched by your generosity and kindness.

The above figures smashed all previous years call outs and the standard of work in the show is exceptional.
The show is set to open on 19th August from 6pm - 8.30pm and then will continue live online via our Instagram account from approx 8.45pm. As you can imagine I'm super excited!!

The exhibition ends on 4th September.


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