Rotherham based film crew head into Derbyshire looking for the conversation.

Rotherham based film crew head into Derbyshire looking for the conversation.

In these Covid and post covid times, the world has remembered the importance of conversations.  Sure, screen time has its function and place, but EVERYTHING ties back into having meaningful conversations.  

Mobile phones have made the original purpose of the Red Telephone boxes (connecting with people) all but extinct. So how are different communities across the country working to keep this British icon maintained and useful in keeping conversations in their community going?

Rotherham based film crew visit and highlight red telephone boxes in their local area and ask the simple question "What is this red telephone box doing now to support the community and keep the conversation going?

Head Funkster, Jonathan Senior said: "We have seen all sorts of clever uses, libraries, defibrillators, even a couple of cash machines.

"It is people of a certain age of people who know what it means to hear the pips going, making sure you had the right change or having to make the dreaded reverse charges call. We need to use caution or this history will vanish before our eyes".

Each 15 second clip is sorted and ranked by how FUNKY it is and added to a league table featuring the top 5. Top of the league table at the moment is the Derbyshire village of Tideswell. Although that could change as the weather improves and Jonathan and his team can get out more.

To keep the conversation going, Funky Thinkers have created an online game FQY which has proven to engage those from 8-80 and get people thinking and actually talking to each other (without stomping out of a room, throwing a tantrum or looking something up on a phone...)

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