RIIVER BRUKES presents When Tomorrow Comes (Official Music Video)

‘When Tomorrow Comes’ is a beautiful ballad (Brukes/Segreti) about the passage of time, the uncertainty of tomorrow and the importance of love (all kinds of love), and memories in helping each of us navigate through life.

‘This song was inspired by an elderly couple walking through my local village. They were desperately trying to hold each other's hand as the old woman struggled to push the frail man in his wheelchair. Clearly unable or unwilling to lose sight of each other - even for a moment. It was perhaps the most beautiful and yet, the most sad thing to witness: Uncertainty, love, vulnerability and precious time - all rolled into a few brief seconds. I knew that they didn’t have much time left together… but then again, I wondered what rich history they had shared…’

Riiver Brukes ‘When Tomorrow Comes’ is a track taken from Riiver Brukes' album "Reformed Soul" available on all digital platforms via Epictronic.

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