RETURN TO EREDURF - Buxton Festival Fringe Event 2016

After last year’s sell-out run of ‘The Ghosthunters' Club’ receiving great reviews, Terry Naylor’s award-winning 'Cul-de-sac' theatre company once again take over Scrivener's Bookshop with something a little different. 'Return To Eredurf' is a Terry Pratchett inspired fantasy, penned by Janet Hopley - one of the shop's bookbinders.

HELP WANTED! is the message to the audience from the young Miriam Nerdlane, who desperately needs your assistance.  After a breach in the space-time continuum, a reconstruction of a shattered portal to a parallel universe is required! It’s clear that there’s been a bit of inter-dimensional tinkering at Scrivener’s but with help from the audience, the cast of completely bonkers characters and the books, of course, Scrivener’s will get back on track.  The audience can expect strange encounters on the journey so a sense of the ridiculous is absolutely essential!

Maximum 12 people at a time, big and small. This is a promenade show, up and down lots of stairs in the marvellous emporium of books, sprawled over five floors - that is Scrivener's Bookshop.

Please note no camels, elephants or fish will be harmed in this production. A family-friendly show suitable for ages 8+ upwards.


Venue: Scrivener's Bookshop, 42 High St, Buxton, SK17 6HB

Show Dates:  Monday 18th to Saturday 23rd July

Times:  7pm to 8pm

Tickets: £5 – Tel: 01298 73100 or Email:

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