Request from NHS Community Staff

Clinical Staff (individually or in pairs) working in the community (nurses, therapists etc) are in need of places where they can:

·        Use the loo

·        Wash hands

·        Charge phones/ laptops/other devices

·        Stop, rest and be quiet

For staff working in community we really want to be able to offer them spaces to go – especially as the places they might have used in the past are now closed.  If partners can suggest places where they could show NHS ID and be given access, even places that would be closed to the public or groups (leisure centres? Church halls?) especially if they are at a distance from other health sites.

The need is right across the County and the City, please.

Thank you for anything partners can offer.  Please contact:

Mary Heritage, Assistant Director Allied Health Professions and Patient Experience, Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Trust

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