Poem a Month for March

Derbyshire Literature Festival 2015

Bruce Swanwick's poem celebrates the joy of everyday things experienced on a walk through his local park.  As he explains:

'Crossley Park, in Ripley, Derbyshire is one of those historic green areas, so intertwined with England's quaintness.  It's an area of about an acre, with pathways around its perimeter, bandstand, Royal British Legion memorial, children's play area and a grassed centre for recreation. The trees and shrubs in abundance make it a wonderful place to spend time. Although the "Park" is its title, it belies its true asset, as a "community" where age, gender, race, disability, dog owner or any other descriptive term is merely a label'.

 We wonder if you have a park or familiar walk near you like this?

Our little bit of Derbyshire

Winter, autumn, summer, spring
Walk around our asphalt ring
With your dog on lead or loose
Chat to others as you muse.
See the bandstand night or day
Hear the children as they play,
Grass cut well as flowers abound
Keep on walking round and round.
Meet a friend or someone new
Rain or shine they talk to you.
Take a moment, spare a thought,
Remember those who gave and fought.
Trees stand proud, some very old
Their beauty makes your blood run cold.
As you pass the children's swings
Remember days you did those things
Out you go through iron gate
Hurry home you may be late.
Tomorrow all to do again
No time spent here is spent in vain.
With luck you may see owl or fox
A fledgling sitting on a box.
A walk around here leaves its mark
No surprise, its Crossley Park

by Bruce Swanwick


The Derbyshire Literature Festival brochure will be available soon in Derbyshire Libraries.  Tickets will be on sale from Monday 30th March - and can be booked online or at any Derbyshire Library.  Visit the website for full details:  www.derbyshire.gov.uk/festival - where you can also find out how to enter our Made in Derbyshire Poem a Month writing competition.

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