Poem a Month for January

Enter the Derbyshire Literature Festival Poem a Month Writing Competition

Poem a Month is off to a great start with this poem submitted to the Literature Team at Derbyshire County Council by David Duncombe inspired by a common sight - walkers in the Derbyshire countryside. 

Here is David's introduction to the poem: 'Walking in the Peak District on an autumn day I saw a couple, the woman leading, stepping neatly and he following, splashing in the mud. I let my imagination go with them on a circular walk.' 



He trudges behind her along the rutted lane,
wet mud sucking at his thick leather boots,
while her neat trainers step like ballet shoes,
balancing unsplashed from stone to stone.

He’s clumsy at the kissing-gate where she slips through,
not touching the posts or catching his too-late lips.
He turns the map, unsure of the divided track.
She fingernails the trail, then strides ahead.

At the top of the hill they stop, breathless, turn
and turn in the view, wordless until he breaks
the articulate silence, sees her frown and smile
as he struggles to fashion autumn clichés.

Side by side they descend, curving full circle
to their start and he wonders how she will recall
the day, the climb, the peak, the season’s colours,
that he could only shape in other people’s words.

by David Duncombe


If you would like to write and submit a poem for consideration for the Poem a Month Writing Competition in 2015, then visit the Derbyshire Literature Festival page for more details on how to do this.  All winning submissions will be published on the Poem a Month blog.

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