Poem a Month for August

Poem a Month for August

We liked the ideas behind this month's poem by Frances Fermer and thought it would be a good choice for the summer holidays.  Frances says of it:

I wrote this poem on holiday in Scotland in February 2015 after watching a beautiful sunset over Loch Ailort.  I stood outside the car in the cold for as long as I could as I did not want to lose any of the beauty of the moment.  It reminded me of other times when I had felt the same sense of wonder. - Frances

Sunset Question

Sat at a bar at the edge of the lake
I looked at the sunset,
The most beautiful ever.

The man next to me said
'What's the best sunset you've ever seen then?'
I scrolled down my phone.

Fuerventura - the tower in the bay,
Fishes swim in warmed water
Bathed with golden light.

Driving back from Whisby.
The sky lit up with patches of yellow & gold
So bright you had to look away.

West coast of Scotland in winter.
At dusk all is silent; the sun lights
The still loch with indescribable beauty.

Exotic Cuban bay - a classic sun
Drops below the sea's flat horizon
Pink through the haze of Cuba Libre.

'But which was the best?' he insisted.
He might as well have asked
'Which child is most precious?'

I said that each one was
The most beautiful at that moment.
'I see' he said, 'this one'.

by Frances Fermer

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